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About Us

Rescue New Jersey is advocating for government based on law and righteousness, not fear and panic. The Constitution gives the people of New Jersey a blueprint and safeguards to assure that their fundamental rights are protected. Currently, Rescue New Jersey is going before the courts for a declaratory judgement that businesses ordered by Governor Murphy to close or reduce their operations must be compensated for their compliance with the emergency orders. Current New Jersey law is specific that when the Governor decides he needs to use private property to respond to an emergency he must compensate the property owner.  The reason is that if a Governor decides closing or curtailing a private business is necessary to protect the public in an emergency, it is only fair that the business owner be compensated. Otherwise, private property owners would be personally forced to pay the cost of achieving a pubic good, a form of exploitation no New Jersey resident wants to see happening in this state.  

Mission Statement

Rescue New Jersey is a non-profit advocacy and educational organization which promotes integrity, transparency and ethics in government.  All the power the government has was given to it by the people. Rescue New Jersey will work to make sure that power is used solely for the public benefit. Rescue New Jersey will advocate for the people of New Jersey through education, outreach, and when necessary, litigation. Elected officials and the policies they promote are responsible to the citizens of New Jersey who have entrusted them to exercise their authority justly. Consequently, Rescue New Jersey demands the highest moral and ethical standards from their government at all levels.

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