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The efforts of Rescue New Jersey are done on behalf of all of the citizens of New Jersey.  Please consider donating to Rescue New Jersey by making a tax deductible donation and allowing us to continue the fight

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Jon Aneson

Mr. Aneson has a lifetime of hospitality experiences. He spent five years working in every job at The Manor, several years managing restaurants for Dick Berry and the Horn Family, earned a business management degree from Rutgers, spent a decade owning and operating restaurants in the greater Princeton area, and then developed a consulting practice, designing and building over 70 restaurants from NYC, Philadelphia, to the Jersey Shore and in Florida from Sarasota to South beach. Being active in the restaurant business since the 70's, Mr. Aneson has seen first-hand the impact on the largest private sector industry in the state.  It has been devastating to their businesses and their families.

Alan Zakin, Esq.


Alan Zakin is Principal of Alan Zakin Associates; a Public Relations and Marketing firm that specializes in Community and Government Affairs. Alan Zakin Associates has successfully implemented programs for numerous government, not-for-profit and corporate organizations. Alan Zakin combines his government and public relations experience with extensive hands-on political experience, and established AZA in order to help enable entities to meet their policy, community, and eleemosynary goals.

Mr. Zakin has personally provided strategic political counsel, development and marketing services to numerous organizations including municipal, county and federal government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and nonprofit organizations in areas as diverse as public policy, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, construction, transportation, libraries and museums.  He also has worked on political campaigns from U.S. President and U.S. Congress to the state legislature, county and local office. 

A graduate of Rutgers University Law School-Newark, and the University of Richmond, Mr. Zakin is “Of Counsel” to the Florham Park, NJ law firm of Azzolini and Benedetti where he has a specialty in land use, government and not-for-profit law. 


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